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Victoriana Hurricane
Large hand crafted footed Victoriana Hurricane Light made in clear and pretty edging. This pretty windlight looks pretty with floating candles or flowers too ! Size: H 25 x D 17 cm
£49.00 *
Ornate Hanging Candle Lantern
Absolutly amazing Orante Hanging Candle Lantern on a robust metal chain and clear glass sides. A real focal point in the home, to brighten up a dark corner or equally fabulous in the garden or conservatory. We do recommend bringing the...
From £70.00 *
White Wicker Basket Lantern
Stunning tall white washed Nautical Wicker Lantern available in two great sizes. This hand made Lantern has a white rope handle and a heavy clear glass insert to place a candle or battery opperated fairy lights inside, to light up a dork...
From £110.00 *
Empire Fretwork Lantern
This lovely washed Empire Fretwork Lantern is made from light ash wood with clear glass sides. The wood is finished in a pure white wash. The lantern has a grey metal fretwork chimney and a door with a metal catch to make it easy to...
From £35.00 *
House Lantern
How fabulous is this grey enameld House Lantern ? It displays beautifully in the home with it's shiny enamel cool grey finish. Used in or outdoors, this is perfect to create cosy lighting for any party setting. They really look super on...
From £49.00 *
Elegant Wide Lantern
An Elegant Wide Chrome Lantern with clear glass sides and a side door to place a candle or battery operated fairy lights inside. This will be a stylish statement piece for a modern home. Available in two sizes
From £99.00 *
Fretwork Lamp
Fretwork Lamp
How unusual are these stunning handmade metal Fretwork Lamps in a trendy grey wash finish. Perfect inside your home, give a lantern feel without the worry of looking after a candle. Available in 2 great sizes.
From £105.00 *
Contemporary Grey Floor Lantern
Stunning Contemporary Grey Floor Lantern with clear glass sides and a side opening to place candle, lightchain or plant inside. The Lantern can be used outdoors but we recommend to take it inside during bad weather to protect it from the...
£120.00 *
Honeycombe Votive
Beautiful summer colours, tangerine and powder pink that will make your table look oh so pretty! The laquered glass Honeycombe Votive shimmers when a T-Light is placed inside. Available in two sizes.
From £5.90 *
TLight Holder
Crown TLight Holder
Be a princess for the day ! Beautiful white glazed china Crown Tlight Holder. Dress your coffee table or side board with these pretty crowns, drop a Tlight in and enjoy ! Perfect table decor for a themed party or wedding. Size : H 7 cm
£4.95 *
Glass Windlight
Striking hand made Glass Windlight in beautiful purple marble effect. This pretty windlight only needs a t light placed inside and the full beauty of the colour and pattern combind will make a focal point on your coffee table. A chic...
From £14.50 *
Chrome Coach Lantern
Chrome Coach Lantern with clear glass sides. A contemporary and stylish Lantern for the modern home. The Lantern is for in or outtdoor use, but we recommend to store the Lantern inside during the winter months. Candle not included
From £24.90 *
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