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Pillar Candle
Pillar Candle
Pillar Candle available in three contemporary shades of grey. Non drip, 20 hr burn time. H 10 x W 5 cm
£2.90 *
Glass Hurricane
Beautiful grey edged glass Nature Windlight Glass Hurricane. Simply place a candle inside and enjoy the warm glow or use as a vase for your favourite blooms. Available in three pretty designs. H 18 cm
£22.50 *
Filigree Dome Lantern
Filigree Dome Lantern
Stunning white washed Filigree Dome Lantern. The Lantern has duck egg tinted glass sides to protect the candle from the wind, if used outdoors. The Lantern has three moroccan inspired tealight holder on metal chains hanging from an out...
From £45.00 *
White Table Lantern
Brighten up a dark corner of your home or place in your outside space on summer evenings.These pretty metal Lantern are available in two colours and in either a grey butterfly or white daisy cut out design. Large H 40 cm Small H 29 cm
From £29.00 *
Heart TLights
Pack of 4 Heart TLights in clear cups. Available in two colours. Est BT 4hrs
£4.90 *
Wall Sconce
Wall Sconce
Contemporary concrete Wall Sconce with a black and light grey reto design and black metal disc to hold a candle. H 46 cm
£39.00 *
T-Light Holder
Reindeer T-Light Holder
Elegant stainless steel Reindeer T-Light Holder for a modern and contemporary all year round candle display. Size L 26 x H 26 cm
£45.00 *
Marble Effect Pillar Candle
Marble Effect Pillar Candle
Beautiful Marble Effect Pillar Candle available in three trendy shades of grey. Non drip and a staggering 40 hr burntime. H 15 x D 7 cm
£6.90 *
Marbel Effect Pillar Candle
Marbel Effect Pillar Candle
Beautiful Coloured Marble Effect Pillar candle available in three pretty shades of pink. Non drip and a staggering 45 hr burntime. H 15 x D 7 cm
£5.90 *
Feather Design Votive
Beautiful pure white bisque porcelain Feather design Votive. Simply place a tlight inside or use as a pretty bowl for trinkets. Size H 7 x D 11 cm
£8.50 *
Bunny Pillar Candle
White Stearin Bunny Pillar Candle with cute bunny transfer in two different colours and design. A no drip candle. Made in Germany. EBT 49 hrs
From £4.90 *
Glass Windlight
Striking hand made Glass Windlight in beautiful purple marble effect. This pretty windlight only needs a t light placed inside and the full beauty of the colour and pattern combind will make a focal point on your coffee table. A chic...
From £9.90 *
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