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Rustic Pillar Candle
Rustic Pillar Candle
Rustic Pillar Candle availabe in three trend colours white, grey and taupe. H 15 x D 7 cm. Non Drip and 68 hrs burn time. Made in Germany
Grey Rustic Pillar Candle
Rustic Pillar Candle
Large Rustic Pillar Candle, available in three nutural shades. Perfect for large Lanterns. Non drip and a BT of 145 hours. H 20 x D 9 cm
Rattan Reeds
Replacement Rattan Reeds
A bundle of Replacement Rattan Reeds. If you already have one of St Eval Diffuser pots but feel its time to try another fragrance. Wash the pot thoroughly with hot water, pour in some of the replacement oil and finally the reeds....
Scented Tealight
St Eval Scented Tealights
The St Eval Tealight Collection is amongst our bestselling lines. Each qualityTealight burns for up to 6 hours and are hand poured in the UK. Each box contains 9 Tea lights. Available in many seasonal sents.
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