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Marble Effect Pillar Candle
Marble Effect Pillar Candle
Beautiful Marble Effect Pillar Candle available in three trendy shades of grey. Non drip and a staggering 40 hr burntime. H 15 x D 7 cm
£8.90 *
Rose Garden Scented Candle Pot
This brand new candle range will evoke memories of a freshly cut Rose Bouquet from the Rose Garden. Hand poured soy wax scented candle in ditsy rose print pot. Est Burn Time 25 hours Made by St Eval Candle Co in the UK
£12.90 *
Feather Design Votive
Beautiful pure white bisque porcelain Feather design Votive. Simply place a tlight inside or use as a pretty bowl for trinkets. Size H 7 x D 11 cm
£8.50 *
Bunny Pillar Candle
White Stearin Bunny Pillar Candle with cute bunny transfer in two different colours and design. A no drip candle. Made in Germany. EBT 49 hrs
From £4.90 *
Curved Contemporary Lantern
Stunning Contemporary Stainless Steel Lantern with curved edges. Simple yet so stunning is this unusual modern lantern, wich has clear glass sides to protect the candle. Available in two sizes. The Lantern is for in or outside use, but...
From £65.00 *
Glass Windlight
Striking hand made Glass Windlight in beautiful purple marble effect. This pretty windlight only needs a t light placed inside and the full beauty of the colour and pattern combind will make a focal point on your coffee table. A chic...
From £9.90 *
T Light Holders
Art Deco T Light Holders
Set of 3 black and silver Art Deco design vintage inspired glass T Light Holders. Size : H 10 x D 9 cm
£17.90 *
Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser Set
The Reed Diffuser Collection has quickly become one of our bestselling products. Each full of your favourite decadent scent you can now enjoy them in a whole new way. The Set contains a bundle of reeds, ceramic container and a 150ml...
£27.90 *
Scented Tealight
St Eval Scented Tealights
The St Eval Tealight Collection is amongst our bestselling lines. Each qualityTealight burns for up to 6 hours and are hand poured in the UK. Each box contains 9 Tea lights. Available in many seasonal sents.
£6.50 *
Rattan Reeds
Replacement Rattan Reeds
A bundle of Replacement Rattan Reeds. If you already have one of St Eval Diffuser pots but feel its time to try another fragrance. Wash the pot thoroughly with hot water, pour in some of the replacement oil and finally the reeds....
£2.00 *
Deco Plate
Sea Urchin Deco Plate
Pretty porcellain Sea Urchin Deco Plate in scandinavian blue or mocca and in two great sizes. perfect little plate to place a candle on for safe burning, use as a soap dish or even a coaster,. Available in 2 sizes.
From £4.90 *
Ocean Blue Pillar Candle
Ocean Blue Pillar Candle
Summery Ocean Blue Pillar Candle with an unusual wave inspired tip compared to the more mainstreem flat finish. Non drip and very long burntime. Available in two sizes.
From £4.50 *
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